Monday, June 25, 2012

Cracking the Whip: Done being all Sissy About It

New week - new rules

  • No carbs
  • No sugar
  • 2 hour cardio on off days
  • Strength training on days I work at the hospital

You know how they always tell you when you diet you're not suppose to implement iron-clad rules because supposedly that's a surefire way to fail?

Apparently that doesn't work for me. In the the past months, I have but been very forgiving and very understanding and I frack up on my diet strategy. I did the "sensible" approach to food and not overexercise

So far that has brought nothing but stagnation and I think I need to be more aggressive with my outlook towards my weightloss goals

No more Miss Nice Gertie -- I'm onto you Mr. Fat!


I have but another 2 months of vacation till Fall semester starts. I really want to put a dent on that weightloss scale because I'm sooooooooooooooo fracking tired of not fitting into anything.

My then 164 lbs scrubs barely fit -- not fun when you have to bend, twist, for 12 hours lol

Anyway this is a call to arms to all you fabulous peeps out there -- let's make it this a fracking awesome week ! <3


  1. Amen! Fabulousness coming up! We are gonna miss you in the challenge, but you'll always be RED! Good luck this week!

  2. Thanks Pepa! -- kick ass this week against blue! :)

  3. I hear ya girl!!!! Good Luck!!


  4. aww thanks Lyn! I hope you're doing good yourself <3

  5. Yep, I've got about 60 days or so until my next semester starts & we have to wear ALL WHITE scrubs!! :( I REALLY want/need to lose 40 pounds before then. That was my goal initially when the summer began & I started out so good, but I've totally fallen off the bandwagon :(. I say everyday that this is a new day that can start & then I don't do it. I am going to look like the Staypuff marshmallow woman in my scrubs :(

  6. I have about 40 lbs to lose as well. I've gained so much in the last year when nursing school started.

    Girl we can do this! I know we can!

  7. School just packs on the lbs, doesn't it Gerti? I can gain 15 lbs from Nov to May, then I spend all summer and early fall losing it all over again. Sheesh.