Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love this!


  1. AARGH! I just realized that I'm not getting ANY of your updates! How do I fix this??? I'm going to make it a point to figure it out and FIX IT NOW!!! Hope you're doing ok... I saw the 1lb. loss last week and even though you seemed disappointed, that is STILL GOOD!!! Don't give up and just keep going!

  2. Well, that was easy! I just added you directly instead of trying to use the link! WOOOOO!!!

  3. I always tell myself sometimes you have to take 10 steps backwards before you can move a head. I know I had to do that a couple of years ago and in the end I'm glad I wasn't too stubborn to do it because it's helped me in the long run!

    You're doing great! Sometimes a car stalls but then once it get's started back up you are speeding down the road no problem. :)