Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chicken Nuggets

Phase 2 - Day 3
AM Wt - 169.4 (-2.6 since Preload II )


The title depicts exactly what I'm craving right now. Ugh... real chicken or not.. I love chicken nuggets.  But if I really want to instill good eating habits I need to exercise LOTS and LOTS of discipline

I was just at the store this afternoon and you see all these halloween items from cookies, cupcakes, and decorations are everywhere. Even Christmas!

The big thing about the holidays for me is baking and it's that time of year again. I literally had to stop myself from buying baking ingredients because I honestly don't want them in my kitchen, because I know what's going to happen -- I will eat them

Anyway, exercised yesterday and I can honestly say it totally helped with the side effects of my program. No headaches since I started running.


  1. UGH. I feel ya. I guess that is why I went to calorie counting last year so that I could have those treats and still be in there where I should be. But I think you can do this... you still have quite a while before the big holidays come up! So, just stick it out and before you know it, you'll be through it!

  2. Thanks Jewelz! I sure hope so.. holidays tend to get rough on the diet department! lol

    I know we can do this! :)

  3. Hey Gerts! Where are ya, girly-girl? Are you still with us and just busy with end of semester crapola? Come check in soon, hun, or we'll worry about ya. :)

    Ellie, survivor of Fall semester 2012