Friday, October 26, 2012


It has been awhile since I updated sorry!!! 1/2 half of the semester is in full swing so I got really busy!! Still am!

AM Wt.  168 lbs

I caught up with a buddy of mine and we went to this great sushi place. I haven't seen her in 4 years so it's so awesome getting the chance to hang out with her again
This one is taken in front of the restaurant. I was sort of anxious because I was in a middle of my program and the last thing I need was yummy food being paraded in front my face. But suprisingly, I ate minimally and I honestly haven't been doing my program.. so my weight kept on fluctuating between 170-168.. but that's just how my body goes all the time, so nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway, I really want to lose more weight before I see the T's family for christmas. I want to look cute. I've been eating bad again or should I say -- I have only put in 50% in this program.

I hope everyone is having a great weeK!


  1. I totally get wanting to look cute for the holidays! You are juggling so much. Good luck with everything.

    Planning ahead and adequate sleep (not always possible I know) normally help keep things going!

  2. thank you for the support and encouragement Grace! yea I forgotten what's it like having adequate sleep lol hopefully it'll get better :)

  3. Live a little! :) I think you totally deserved this meal! And it's always great to spend time with someone over sushi! :) Good luck for the rest of the quarter! DO well so you can enjoy winter break with no regret! :D

  4. I hope you are doing well! Happy HOLIDAYS!

  5. Hope this isn't too late. I seen you haven't been posting for a while, but Merry Christmas! :)