Monday, October 15, 2012

Feeling Crazy by the Minute

Phase 1 - Day 6 1
AM Wt - 172.0 (-0.8 since Preload II)

Okay little update. Celebrated my birthday along with my brother's last Saturday at this Fabulous... FABULOUS! Korean BBQ. Long story short the diet went off the door.

These were just a few of the snapshots of what we had. I didn't get the chance to take a picture of their awesome side buffet.

I rebooted and did the preload again that day and sunday. So I'm back in square one today.

 I noticed that the side reactions are minimal when I do something active. So I reactivated my gym membership and went for a run today.

I feel fanta-bulous.

Tomorrow is Day 2 of Psych clnical. I'm a little apprehensive because of all the talk about safety and making sure nobody gets stabbed, stranged, or hurt. I'm like.. WTF? I wasn't scared till this kind of talk started in the orientation.

On a lighter note, I passed PEDS! yay! I haven't gotten the final grades for the class just yet, but I'm hoping I got an A in the class

Happy Monday all!


  1. I love that feeling post run too! :)

    FOOD LOOKS AMAZING! I love Korean BBQ. My brother wants this when we go to NYC or back to Taiwan :)

  2. Happy birthday, Gerts! I'm sorry I'm late with the greetings, but I hope you had a fabulous day, hun, with many more happy returns! Just think, this time next birthday you'll be done with nursing school - yay!

    BTW, I literally just tried Korean food for the first time last week and I loved it. It was some spicy sweet dish with chicken and cucumber and it was GOOOOOODDD!


  3. Thanks you! Korean BBQ is super yummy! I'm sort of glad that there's none local or the diet would be a lot harder lol