Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Woooo! Happy New Year Y'All!!


Wishing everyone a super duper new year!! It's gonna be an epic year!! :)


Couple of people were missing this year's family xmas gathering (my sister's fiance, my little brother, his wife and my other nephew) but that's okay. There's always next year!
Sorry for being MIA for a freaking long time!! I just got caught up with everyday things, school, watching countless animes and korean dramas LOL yea.. yea... haha
I managed to maintained a solid 167 lbs but that's seems like a fainted memory when I stepped in the scaled (Finally!) this morning.
I hope everyone has a fantastic holidays! :)
I'm currently on winter intercession and I don't get back to the grinder till February.. which is AWESOME! But I'm still required to prepare for the last and final semester till I GRADUATE!! Wooo-HOO!!
Lots of things are in the works right now... but I'm taking them one crazy thing at a time. So for now just concentrating on passing my program and graduate
I miss you people!
Now.. let's get back in gear and lose some muffins shall we? :)


  1. Nice to hear from you and that you have been maintaining well! I'm so ready to kick ass this year!

  2. Thanks Pepa! I'm with ya! Let's do some kick assin! lol :)

  3. Woohoo! Hi Gertie! Glad you're getting a break, so hope you post a bit more until then. LOL Have a great New Year! :D