Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun Recap

Easter was fun. Nothing beats hanging out with the family and just enjoying the nice 80 degree weather!
Yellow sponge cake with peach and mandarin custard filling

I adore the giant "dinosaur" eggs
It really was a fun day. My little nephew was having a ball playing the the spinning sprinklers all day long.

Food wise I had a piece of cake -- but who in their right minds would not resist even it was just a bite?  :)

I start school on Wednesday. I'm excited and anxious as usual. I'm gonna be a alot more busy again.

I did Yoga X in P90x... I have newfound respect with Yoga since it kicked my ass while I was at downward-facing-dog. This is actually the first time I felt sore after doing yoga.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing great and having a fabulous week!


  1. Every time I see those cakes in the bakery I always think they look fake because the fruit is so shiny! Do they glaze the top with sugar? Sounds like a nice relaxing Easter!

  2. I think they glaze the top with Gelatin to make it extra shiny :)

  3. OMG...drooling over cake. Have mercy, Gertie!

    Good luck in school this semester. ;-)