Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I love this Shoes so much ---

that I bought a second pair (solid whites ) for clinicals -- Yowza! it's so well constructed and full of support that I glide instead of walking LOL They're called Reebox Zig Nano

But really they're super comfortable and works so well since I'm standing (and I'm serious) 6 hours straight in clinic.

Does that burn any calories?

Today I had my first exam for Med-surg. Didnt' get any sleep the night before so I'm dead tired. I think we get our grades this Sunday.. so till then I just have to sit and marinate and obsess over how well or how bad I did.

Anyway I hope you ladies are having a fabulous week so far!


  1. Good luck on your exam! I'm sure all the standing helps you burn extra calories. Have you ever thought about using a Heart Rate Monitor wrist watch? I used a Polar for a long time before I swtiched to my Body Media device. They are pretty accurate and you can pick up a great one under $100, maybe even a pretty good one for less than $50.

  2. Thank thank you :) I do have an HR wrist watch! And you're so right its awesome to have. I would love to wear them all day, but not in clinicals. I'd hate to bring home all that yucky germs.. nurse = germaphobe LOL

  3. Oooo, I've been trying to find some new shoes for running. I might have to give these ones a shot. I have tried New Balance & Nike Zoom so far, with no luck. Do they have a good width?

  4. i have a fairly wide foot and the 7.5 is very true to it's size. But one of girls in my clinic group bought the same size and she said it felt a bit snug.. so I'd say get a size bigger.

    I got 3 people buying this shoes after I sport them in the medsurg floor! lol But really they're awesome shoes!