Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day

For some reason, I kind of like what the banner said. I have been eating less to no sugar at all this past week. I noticed I've been ultra sensitive to it where I find myself with a nasty headache.

Maybe it is a good thing that I've been getting these symptoms. It totally makes me think twice about buying or eating anything sweet.  

Breakfast today was a croissant sandwich with orange marmalade. It was super tasty.

I've been trying to stay focus and complete my flashcards for review. But I can't seem to concentrate. The weather outside is fabulous -- why in the world may I indoors?

This is one of those days I wish we live close to the beach. I miss the ocean.

I'm going to do a double feature in my workout today. I didn't get the chance to do anything yesterday because I was too busy fracking around online. Where is my focus damnit! :)

I end up buying a new pair of sneakers and some cute summer sunglasses.

I'm just so thrilled with the color! I love green! Too bad I can't wear colors in clinic-- I wouldn't think twice sporting this baby. Come to think of it -- forget it. The last thing I need is this cutie stained with poop and blood and everything else in between.

I've been eye-ing this for a while now. It was originally $99 and it went down to $49 so I jumped at the opportunity :)

In other news, I got real pissed this morning when I discovered our neighbor dumped their fracking garbage in our bin. I can understand if their bin was full but it was not. So why the frack did she do that?

I caught up with her and ask her if she did it. And suprisingly she admitted and said she should have ask me -- Uh... yea!

I told her to try not to put her garbage in our bins since we needed the space to throw the tumble weeds that's been accommulating in our side yard. I said it nicely of course.

They're nice people and we've exchange goodies once in a while. But does that make it okay for them to do that? Or am I just over-reacting.  Can someone tell me straight up? I won't take offense if it the case lol


  1. Not overreacting at all, did she give a reason considering that her bin wasn't full? I could understand if it was the night before pick up and her bin was full and yours wasn't, but other than that I see no good reason. We had a neighbor do that once when their bin was full on trash night and their extra bag caused our bin not to close (trash people say they wont collect unless it does) & when DH say it, he pulled it out and put it on the ground. I guess they got the message...

  2. She didn't give any reason at all. And their bin was half full. I just wish people just stick to their own bins and maybe the world would be a better place jk lol

  3. What your neighbor had done is actually an unethical one. It is definitely not a part of good manners, eh. Good thing, you talk to her (or is that him) about it. btw, hope you will be successful in your diet and fitness exercises, eh. God bless. :)

    Take care,
    Peny@dickies uniforms

  4. I would only go do that if my bin was full and even then I don't like doing that. So it's pretty odd of her to throw her garbage in your bin when her bin wasn't even full. Then again people are just weird! haha

    I also LOVE those shoes!