Friday, April 13, 2012

Poop Friday

Encountered poop today at clinic. Didn't bother me at all, which is good because that's just one of those things you can't avoid when you're a nurse. lol
from sketchfu

I was working with this lovely lady. She's super sweet and very misunderstood I think.  I don't really understand why people would say she's disoriented, when it's so obvious that she really just can't hear.

God, this passed 3 days --- 3 DAYS! felt like a month has just passed. That's how dead tired I am.  There so much to do and so little time. Sucks ass if you ask me.

I got another week to study for my first Med-Surg Exam. I really wanted to do well in this class. I don't want to fracking fail.

I haven't worked out since Tuesday -- pretty bummed but I'm hoping once I get the groove of things I can start it again. I'm doing pretty good with avoiding sweets and I honestly noticed I haven't been eating as much as I use to.

Haven't stepped in the scale either, but I'm sure there's nothing significant in it. I've been doing P90x Kenpo and Yoga x -- love it. I actually felt sore afterwards, which means I probably worked out something I haven't in awhile and shook up some "cobwebs".

I hope everyone is doing better in their quest for health. Wish you all a fabulous weekend ahead!
from redbrickgirl


  1. Great graphics! Your poop clip art is so cute... (weird that I'm calling poop cute).

    Best of luck on your upcoming exam. Great job exercising even with your busy schedule. AMAZING!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. The success graph is DEAD-ON! Boy, don't I empathize with the second one. That's my school graph, to be sure! :D

    Keep on plugging, girl. No one ever got anywhere by sitting down in the middle of the road in the middle of the race! We're rooting for ya!!!


  3. I agree with Ellie, that graph IS dead on! I think if you compared my weight loss to the second pic it would correlate precisely!

  4. Poop. FUN. I deal with it all day! Hope this wasn't of the explosive variety, though... EEK! Anyways, sorry I haven't been commenting. But I'm reading still! I like the graph -- SO FRIGGIN' TRUE! And I also like the banner... and the shoes. I shouldn't lust over another woman's sneakers, but I sure did! LOL As far as the trash bin issue... WEIRD. I don't get why she would do that, unless there was something bad in that bag... it makes no sense. Hope it wasn't body parts or something... why else would you not put it in your own trash unless something bad/illegal was in there? Just strange...

    Anyways, don't give up on weightloss just yet.. I think you'll get back in the groove. That's why the graph is so accurate! So many ups and downs and ins and outs...then the banner comes into play... it's only giving up if you quit! So, you'll get it. We all will at some point! LOL P.S. This is Jewlz! HA!!