Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weird Sunday Experience

This morning I had someone rang the doorbell at 6-freaking AM on a Sunday morning. At first I thought it was the mister, but it was some guy asking if a person named "JT" live here. I was like -- no there's no one with that name that lives here. He replied, "Oh okay -- it's probably the next house"

For the life of me, I wasn't wearning my glasses, so I didn't get to look at him clearly. I'm blind as a bat without them.. All I knew was he parked right in the front curb in some gold van, and he's wearing a red shirt and khakis..

But I'm like -- why would anyone knock at someone's door at 6AM to ask if so and so lives there? Should you know which house whoever you're looking for?

Anyway I'm getting all paranoid but could that be a possible burglar trying to scope the neighborhood to see who lives where?

It's scaring the bejesus out of me.

Any suggestions?


  1. We've had that happen, suspected the same thing and spoke to the neighbours and found that too had someone knock on their door. So I would say maybe paranoid, but better to be paranoid than lax. Be extra cautious and if you know your neighbours talk/warn them just in case.

  2. Be care ful and talk to your neighbors.I would be ancy as well.


  3. Yea it's a pretty unnerving. I'm thinking of reporting this incident to the cops. Just to make sure.

  4. Thanks for your input ladies

  5. hmm I'd be pretty freaked out if someone was knocking on my door at 6am and I was home. Actually I probably would have ripped his face off for waking me up...given if it wasn't a work day. He could just be some crackhead looking for his dealer (sounds like something a crackhead would do) or scooping out the homes to see who's home, who lives where etc...I would talk to your neighbours to see if he hit anyone else' house maybe fish around a bit. keep an eye out see if you see that vehicle again.