Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daisy -- my babygirl

This is inspired from a fellow blogger who's in the process getting dog herself :). When Daisy came into my life was the best thing that ever happened to me. Honestly, she's like the daughter that I never have :)

The Mr. got her for me for my 29th birthday and I was so excited when we picked her up. At first we didn't know what type of breed we want, but we played around with either a boxer or a basset hound. I remembered looking around online and contacted the person immediately when I saw her.

Basset hounds are such characters and Daisy is no exception. There's always something hilarious and funny that she does every day. She definately helped me in rough days at school or just life in general. She seems to know what to do when I'm feeling like crap.

I'm sure she puts up with Mommy's craziness especially when I dress her up for Halloween lol.

Her birthday is on the 24th -- I'm thinking of throwing her a party and invite our neighbor's dogs... hmm.. we'll see though :)

Name:  Daisy
Breed: Basset hound
Tricks :  shake, speak, high-five, roll over, stay, goes up on hind legs
What she love:  being chased, giving kisses, begging for treats


  1. OMG she's so precious!!! Seriously! I love her halloween costume! I can't wait until Halloween to dress my little girl too! aww Thanks for sharing about your dog :)

  2. Oh man I just want to snuggle her to make her sad eyes look happy. I miss having dogs, we've just got three cats but really want two great danes! But our house is too small, big back yard but small house and we like our pets inside.