Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lots of Love and Appreciation to All of YOU! -- Thank you

Okay here I was thinking of myself -- where the heck is everybody?!

 I I miss hearing from everyone and I have not heard from any of my blogging buddies for a while and was wondering what's everyone been up to.

This is what I was thinking about until I decided to -- DUH.. to check my comments tab and realized there were numerous comments waiting to be moderated..

OH my Kadoodles.

So I wanted to apologize to everyone. I wasn't ignoring y'all!

 I just didn't know my blog setting was set were all my comments were just file away in the blackhole of the blogging-world.

I love you ladies! I'm going to go through all the messages and answer any questions that was left unanswered.. Oh my goodness..

I am SUCH a freaking DORK!


  1. LOL I think we'll let you slide seeing as how you have been so busy and all! I don't remember asking anything important, but it doesn't notify us when you reply anyways. So, it's all good! LOL

  2. Oh you have to love those moments! At least now you get a whole lot of love at once ;)