Monday, July 2, 2012

Recap from last week

I wasn't too great with putting in good workout hours last week but I did manage to do some awesome bike riding yesterday so I'm pretty happy about that.

Food wise- is a work in progress and I have not eaten any sweets for a while now which is Ah-mazing!

I'm going primal and doing an unofficial paleo. I always ask myself before I grab something -- is this food something a cavewoman would hunt or gather.. Well obviously cheesecakes would not make the cut! lol

from cubanassassin

So far it's working well with me because the "rules" as pretty simple : eat when you are hungry and make sure to eat foods that are hunted or gathered.

The only challenge that I find in this lifestyle is omission of rice. Bread I can do without. But I get the occassionaly cravings for rice.

from desperatemeasures
I bust out the pediatric textbook yesterday with the intention of reading some chapters.

A paragraph later I got distracted and watched Doctor Who instead lol I'm still on summer vaca dammnit! :)

Daily Goals
  • 2 hour gym - 60 min treadmill and 60 min Zumba!
  • spin bike
  • nuts for snacks
  • hydration.. hydration..hydration
  • fruits and protein for any meals
  • daily greens

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