Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Calorie Differential

Today's Food Option
  • Trader Joe's Bacon Spinach Salad Iced caramel frappe - 300 calories
  • Rainer cheeries (10 pcs) Roasted Gorgonzola crackers - 140 calories
  • HM iced-tea (green-jasmine-black tea combo) sweetened
  • 1 egg and 1/2 cup egg white egg sausage burrito - 300
  • 1 cup spring mix
  • 3 oz NY steak
Progress Review - Gave in to the call of caffeine. Spark indicates 1342 calories total including dinner for today. I'm gonna try to save today by making up thru calorie differential

Exercise for Today
  • 30 ABS circuit routine
  • 30 minute spin bike
Progress Review - Total calories burned today 588 calories. Which puts me to -1096 calorie differential between eaten and burned. I'm going to the simple concept of total calories in and total calories out.  If my calculations are correct, if I maintain a caloric differential of 1000 calories 7 days a week, I may.. and I say.. MAY lose 2 lbs per week. We'll see!

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