Sunday, January 20, 2013

14 Day Diet Review

Well as I said before the I have the tendency to swing between 167-170 lbs. and this week was a great example of that. I dipped to as low as 167 lbs and now I am back to 170.

With only 3 MIAs at the gym in the last 14 days with 3 cheat days from diet --- the result is no result.

But that's ok. I don't expect a miracle overnight and I'm going to continue doing what I do and eventually the good ol' body will catch up.

I did got some compliments from fellow classmates when they saw me the first time since December and said that I looked different and appeared to have lost some.

I soaked into that and savor it like chocolate. It felt really good, even though the scale doesn't say I've lost any.

I made a promise to myself that this year will be the year where I'm kinder to myself.. nicer. I'm not going to deny or hide from compliments and finally acknowledge my worth and what I'm damn good at.

For years, I shy'ed from anything that puts me in the spotlight because I never want to appear self-centered or egotistic and attract attention. Frack that.

I need to realize that people are people and I can never please EVERYONE no matter what I do

The important lesson for this week is :

It's not about the scale or what life throws at you that determines your success, it's you.

The continued diligence to move forward is the key whether I lose some or gain some --- it'll all fall into place in the end

I just need to work harder and always remember why the heck I'm doing all of this.

I will get there.


  1. Your hardwork is paying off! I love it when other people notice :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. The scale is the last thing you should ever check. Muscle weights more than fat obviously. And although you may have not lost any 'weight,' you may have lost some fat and added some muscle, hence the scale evened out and you are getting compliments.

    If I were you, I would buy a scale that measures fat loss (although this aren't too accurate), or a body fat caliper (which is much better). Or trust your instict and look in the mirror.

    Good luck, & have fun losing weight! Another helpful tip is to put your treats away from view, and trust me, it helps. Or even better, don't even purchase them in the first place.

    Good luck again,

  3. Meeks! My friend! Long time no hear! I've missed ya! :) Yea I always fall into that scale trap I figured screw it. I'll just continue what I'm doing and forget about the scale. I hope all is well with yoU! :))

  4. School is going well for me, but I've been having weight issues and acne issues cause of school.
    I so want school to be over. I have gained 15lbs thus far, and really want it to be over so I can look like myself again! Counting the days here as well, lol, Just 6 and half left for me to go!

    Good luck with school, you will be a great nurse!


  5. lol, that was 6 and a half months to go, not days!


  6. LOL if only there are days more of school for us! That would be just awesome! lol Just when I started regrowing my hair school is starting again and there goes good ol' stress haha I have about 4 more months to go also.. We can do this my friend! Kick butt this last few stretch and before you know it we're done! :) <3