Friday, January 4, 2013

The Tale of the Tight Jeans

We all have some sort of weightloss goals measured in unique ways. My goal is to eventually fit into all these various sizes and achieve my ultimate weightloss goal. Each of these jeans has a story to tell and these are mine.

Goal #1 - No more Stretchy Pants - American Eagle Jeans size 8

This is the all familiar jeans that's in my closet right now. I refuse to buy a bigger size because for one, I'm broke.. and second I've got soo many.. but they don't fit.. yea I'm crazy.

So I suffer the consequence of muffin tops and snug as hell fittings. The first goal is for a looser fit that does not strangle and squeeze my internal organs haha.

We all have our self-made disordered delusions standards for our own bodies and this is my own. I honestly can say I cringe at the sight but even more motivated that ever before to make some change may it be small or life-changing.

Any good changes will do damnit! I'm just so sick of myself and this fat prison I allowed myself to be in.

I want to be honest with myself and realize that no one else can make me feel better about myself until I accept me and this is not me.

Boring Daily Stats
What I ate today:
  • Stirfry Beef, shrimp, and octopus
  • 2 pieces of sashimi
  • 1 cup Chinese Chicken Salad ( no dressing or wontons)
  • Dehydrated Coconuts (sooo tasty! I've had about 6 little pieces throughout the day)
  • 2 cups of coffee (cream and vanilla sugar free syrup)

Did I move my butt?

Yes! 45 minutes run/walk interval

Other thoughts:

I feel great. energetic maybe it's the coffee but so far so good. I'm glad I made the effort for the gym. Scale read 174 lbs two days ago and now read 168 lbs. So definately waterweight from the ham and the sugar consumed during the holidays.


  1. Gertie you and me must be soul sister because it seems like every time I you check in, I weight almost exactly the same thing you do! I also have about 40 pairs or jeans and only wear about 6 or 7 pairs because the rest are too small! I want to wear those jeans right along with you this year!

  2. I think it's awesome! Let's lose some together sista! :) I'm with ya all the way!