Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good Morning Gorgeous

That's what my coffee cup says this morning...

You know you're right.. I am feeling especially RAVISHING this morning...

Auntie M's visit is coming to a close. Got my zumba on this morning. Lost 2 lbs of water weight from the bloody visit. It's great!

Today's Challenge:  smaller portions

 Why:  To gain more control and discipline over food. I'm not taking orders from my first impulse -- the fear of being hungry

 Doing about it:   awareness while eating. Knowing what I'm eating, while I'm eating. Putting more thought of the ACT of eating that actually just eating

 Comments:   So far so good. All I need to do is to keep it up!

Result:  Lunch was chicken wrap, with 4 pieces of onion rings. 

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