Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rock and Roll

Yesterday was a good day at the gym. I took a kickboxing class and enjoyed myself immensely. For some reason, I get a burst of positive energy and euphoria even...when I punch and kick training bags lol. Seriously I felt like I was high.. ok I've never gotten high ever in my life but damn!

Oh yea.. and eye candies.. I love my Mister but sometimes a girl can't help herself and appreciate the eye candies at the gym. It makes one want to work harder.. What a great motivator!! :)  -- I sure hope my honeyboo is not reading this LOL  I love you babe!!!

Anyway, I went home with bruised knuckles (I had a lot of pent up energy.. what can I say) but feeling good.

I know I'm not suppose to do this till next Sunday but couldn't help myself. I peaked the scale and I'm down another pound.. 167 lbs. I'm trying not to get too excited because honestly I tettered between 170-167 lbs all the time thanks to Mr. Waterweight.

But I was honestly expecting a gain this morning because I was hella-sore this morning. I'm excited anyways and I'm even more motivated to reach this week's goal of 166-165 lbs

I just need to do the following:
  • Control my portions
  • Recognize quality choices
  • Drink more Water
  • 30 minute in the gym is better than 0 minutes at the gym but a 1 hour is even better!

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