Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Morning...

Version in my head:

It was a beautiful morning! *Sparkle-Sparkle* Clear blue skies, the air is crisp and refreshing. What a perfect day to take my baby doggy to the neighborhood dog park. Put on my wool coat, my burberry scarf and gloves. Brewed my coffee to take with me to enjoy while Daisy (my basset) sniff at her heart's content *Sparkle-sparkle*

What actually happened:

It was a beautiful morning! Clear blue skies, the air is crisp and windy as hell. I figured it wouldn't be that bad *insert optimism here* despite the occassional COLD wind gust.  Off the the doggy park! Daisy got way too excited and dragged me across the parking lot. Spilled hot coffee on my wool coat and burberry knockoff scarf and gloves*Akkk! for the love of God!* all the while she continued to sniff with her heart's content

LOL. That's ok nothing a good dry cleaning would fix I guess haha :)

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Soooo... all I could really see was the thumbnail of that pic and I was laughing so hard!!! Then to read your post.... I'm sorry it didn't go so well, but at least you chose to be optimistic! :D

  2. haha.. that's what I get for trying to be all bourgois LOL.. it aint happening :))