Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh Kermie...

you were delicious...

Had frog legs last night.. It's amazing what goodies you can discover at the local asian market -- I wish we live closer!

Hmm.. you're right.. they do look like naked bottoms.. >.<

I pretty much cooked it in butter, basil, garlic (lots and lots of garlic), fresh lime juice tossed some heirlom tomatoes and green onions --- viola! I would have added some coconut milk, but I didn't have one available in my pantry. Maybe next time

Been hitting the gym hard. I did 2 hour of exercise last Thursday, Sunday, and this Monday. I am aching but it's all good.

Exercise has always been easy for me once I have it in my routine. It's the damn food/diet department that I fail miserably.

I try to eat right, but it's really hard when craving hits or when T buys stuff that's not diet friendly. Like for example.. the oh so sinful vanilla chocolate chunk muffins from Costco

Lord these buggers are 690 calories EACH..... and they're sooooo fracking yummy..

it sucks...

I suck...

Haha now you know why I'm at the gym.. trying to redeem myself..

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