Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Every Diet Starts With Blood, Sweat, and ... tears?

Blood.  TOM started today. woo.fracking hoo. But despite the fatigue and the transient dizziness I managed to hit the gym and had a good workout. Very proud

I SWEATED like a piglet and loved it. I know sometimes it's difficult for me to get my butt off but once I off I go all the way. I always strive to finish strong. No half wussy efforts are allowed here.

In fact I exercised so hard, I didn't realize that I managed to TEAR my yoga pants.. I have a ghetto whole in the insides of thigh area .. LOL.. too much rubbing I guess.

I'm officially retiring this old yoga pants. You've served me well my friend.

Diet wise. I'm doing ok. It's usually more difficult than most days the week BEFORE my period, but I managed to stay clear of desserts and sweets. My hope is that I'll get better once I progress through my detox.

I seem to crave the worse of foods when I'm trying to eat clean.

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  1. I know the feeling, I crave the hell out of crunchy stuff when I'm trying to diet or around TOM. I don't buy any crunchy crap food like chips, cookies, or crackers; so what do I turn to? Dry cereal. It's a horrible addiction, I wish they just made some kind of crunchy zero calorie thingy I could mindlessly munch on at night, that would be amazing.